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What would happen if key personnel tasked with
records management were suddenly not available?

Would other members of staff be able to access and find critical business information? Research indicates that only a systems-based approach to records management is reliable and dependable. Record Management Software from Metrofile helps corporations and large enterprises to manage their own physical and electronic records. Metrofile’s range of records management software for corporations and large enterprises includes:


dataSTOR Provides:

  • Improved efficiency and customer service

  • Allows for customer requests and enquiries to be processed and resolved more quickly.

  • Reduced cost. Reduces the cost of storing, accessing and distributing information that was traditionally paper based. The solution cost is based on South African Rand.

  • Compliancy and risk. Assists in compliance and business continuity. Facilitates the retrieval of information required for audit or litigation.

  • Standardised repositories. Allows for content from various systems to be consolidated in a common repository.

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dataSTOR is designed to utilise cost effective technologies that work within clients existing IT infrastructures, and to leverage the investment in these infrastructures. dataSTOR is easy to implement and to use with all the requirements to process the many types of fixed content through the complete lifecycle – capture, management, storage (archive), retrieval and distribution.

EDMS: (Electronic Document Management System) dataSTOR provides the type of flexible EDMS needed by organisations to meet the requirements of new regulations and legislation.

IMAGING: Any file format can be stored, with client search and view only access to repositories ensuring document integrity and regulation compliance. dataSTOR has imbedded viewers for TIF, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and other image types.

EMAIL ARCHIVE: dataSTOR provides a simple, scalable process for capturing and managing emails in an archive. The flexibility is given to keep or destroy company centric e-mails, based on choice, instead of the amount of mailbox or server space you have been allocated.

INSTALLATION: dataSTOR can be installed on premise, on the client infrastructure or provisioned as a Cloud Service,

Records Management Software


Companies of all sizes often enjoy a false sense of security by depending on individuals to store and manage their records. This creates a number of challenges, including lack of access, inconsistency in indexing and irregular backups.

A well-designed information management system is not only more reliable, but also more cost-efficient than a manual system. Metrofile’s software reduces the risk associated with using a manual systems as it is consistent, protected and reliable.



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