Records management consultancy

Records Management Consultancy

Reliable and effective records management depends on a formal records management policy,
yet research indicates that most businesses do not have such a policy in place.

Metrofile’s record management consultancy helps businesses to leverage internal resources to manage physical and digital records in an efficient,
cost-effective and compliant way. Metrofile’s consultancy and software integration services help clients to plan and implement:

Records Management Policy

Records management policy

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Retention Guides

Retention guides

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Records Classification System

Records classification system

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Integration Procedures

Integration procedures

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Records Management Consultancy

Consultancy service

Records and information are key assets for any organisation and Metrofile’s specialised consultants help clients to navigate the world of records management.

Our consultants assist clients in setting up the policies and procedures necessary to manage their information effectively, as well as in defining relevant roles and responsibilities within the company.

Software integration services

Metrofile’s consultants have extensive experience in the integration of software into existing business processes, allowing clients to leverage off legacy systems.


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