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Image Processing

Image processing is needed by many clients to convert paper-based documents, drawings or records on paper or film to digital or electronic data.

These electronic records are easier to search and retrieve, can be viewed by more than one person at a time, and there is the added benefit of protecting the original copy from everyday use. Metrofile’s range of image processing services include:

Archive Services


Stationery Services


Stationery Services

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Image Processing

Digital Image Processing Services

Immediate access to business information is vital and frequently used documents are best stored in digital format. Metrofile offers efficient, cost-effective image processing solutions that include bulk, once-off, on-site and off-site scanning, as well as an image-on-demand service. Scanned and archived images are securely available on most platforms, via the internet or through other agreed channels.

An archive writing service also allows for the production of a film version of digital records for long-term safe-keeping and, conversely, records stored in micro-image format can be digitised for ease of usage.

Analogue Image Processing Services

Metrofile caters for production scanning of film, Microfilm records, Microfiche records and Aperture Cards, as well as for the rapid digitising of high volumes of data.

Applications include file conversion of Microfilm archives to electronic document management systems, and the automation of document scanning when assorted input is involved.


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