Digital Workforce

Empower your workforce and derive value through digital transformation.

The workforce of today is caught between the radical consumerisation of technology in their personal lives, and the cumbersome legacy of systems and processes in their professional lives. The workforce is taking technology decisions in their own hands as IT systems inhibit their performance.

This is risky for all organisations as they risk losing sensitive or confidential information as employees choose unsecured, public spaces to store documents, collaborate on documents and send unsecured information across organisation boundaries.

The digital workforce is empowered with the latest cloud based hyper scale secured technology. Smart Contracts based on Blockchain technology, Bots with machine learning built in, digital signature as documents move through their lifecycle, and Deep Learning against enormous data sets, are all expected to have massive impact in the workplace in the coming decade.

Metrofile is modernising the workplace by driving human adoption of digital systems to make them more productive, effective, efficient and innovative.