The digital business

Digital transformation has gripped every industry
in almost every economy globally.

Defined as the 4th industrial revolution, digital technology is transforming and disrupting organisations around the globe. As a leader in information and records management for many decades, Metrofile provides products and services to transform business processes.

Metrofile Digital Business

Metrofile is engaging our clients on the digitalisation of their business processes to ensure their relevance in today’s digital economy. Instead of merely storing the information, our clients are now digitally originating, signing, storing, retrieving and archiving all content in secure digital form.

The power of this digital content lifecycle is inherent in the digital source of data. With data in digital form at origination, companies today have the ability to apply the latest technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Analytics to serve their customers, partners and business networks better. This ensures that today’s companies grow through digital channels, whilst also ensuring they defend their market position from digitally disruptive businesses which are entering every industry at unprecedented rates.

Metrofile’s products enhance the business processes and redesign your business processes to ensure a full modernisation of your business and ensure your business gains from the innovation of today’s most modern cloud-based technologies.