Confidential destruction

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Looking for secure, cutting-edge document shredding?

Then you need our customised shredding solution.

Benefits for your business

On-Site Shredding
at a your office

No manual sorting necessary to remove bindings, staples, paper clips etc. Staff productivity is maximised – manual shredding that normally takes 1 day now takes 15 mins. Stringent controls at every stage of the document destruction process. Significant saving on resources compared to in-house shredding.

Off-Site Shredding
at a Cleardata warehouse

Why use Cleardata?

World-class systems and cross cutting technologies

Certificate of destruction guarantees complete confidentiality

Shredded documents are 100% recycled

Up to two tons of documents shredded per hour
(mobile units)

Level 2 BEE rated, ISO 9001 certified,
NAID AAA certified

Nationwide footprint

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