Business outsource solutions

Providing clients with significant financial and productivity savings.


Metrofile’s business outsource solutions is not aimed at simply converting physical paper into electronic records, but using technology in a more automated fashion.

We achieve this through using intelligent capture technology, which can automatically categorise clients’ documents by type, extract indexing information and automatically route the electronic and physical documents to different workflows.

Business Process Outsourcing

We take it to another level whereby we extract information from electronically converted images and feed this information into clients’ line of business systems thereby adding invaluable insight to workflows.

Metrofile caters for the diverse needs of multiple departments within an organisation, with real time, online information on the status and whereabouts of files and documents.

Metrofile offers clients the flexibility of Metrofile managing and processing on their premises, or dedicating Metrofile resources to clients on their premises.

Metrofile’s offering

Metrofile’s Proof of delivery solution is core to any organisations business.

The value is in the matching of your supplied data file from your system which we match up to the scanned Proof of Delivery. These scanned and indexed POD’s are then imported into your LOB system, which can be used to validate deliveries against original orders through systems processes and automation.

At Metrofile we take your privacy seriously, so much so that our system maintains a list of authorised users and keeps a log of file movement, which ensures full track and trace assisting you with adhering to legislated compliance standards.

Some information is highly sensitive, an example of which are product formulae for medicines. As such, Metrofile rotate employees that work on your premises every six months, ensuring no relationships with your own employees which could jeopardise the sensitive information that is core to your offering.

Metrofile’s Procurement tracking solution takes away the headache of matching your procurement to your own Line of Business system.

The value is in the matching of your supplied data file from your system which we match up to the scanned Procurement. These are scanned and routed to your own server saving your staff time and allowing them to focus on the job at hand.

Reduce the time you spend on claims and waiting for physical documents.

Simply put, we process your claims and convert them into electronic images, they are then categorised into your own Line of Business system where they can be indexed into different workflows for approval.

The laborious task of collating employee information and files is a headache for any HR department, outsource it to Metrofile whereby we will makes sense of the information and files and save them in to your own Line of Business System.

Electronic marking systems are an effective and efficient option for educational departments. Once implemented and integrated, our electronic exam marking systems provide solutions for assessments, marking and testing for schools as well as for tertiary education levels at universities and colleges.

Should a disaster or disruption occur, Metrofile’has the knowhow and facilities to help clients recover and continue their business activities.

Offering an offsite work area recovery centre, providing infrastructure and connectivity for clients’ personnel. All workstations are equipped with desktops, telephones and internet connectivity. Our areas are flexible so we can customise them to suit unique business needs.

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